Oh Mukundaa..

You know..
You only see those stumbles and trembles
Yet, you soothe them with your oodles of twinkles.
I thought that’s how you wrenched me this long,
Now I notice, you always had a pull on me
You are my Moon, and
I, your tide!

I know you are miles away from this “I”
And I even don’t know when this I will become We.

But Mukunda, you should know
My beauty will gleam into eternity
Only as long as your reflection
Stays firmly in my heart!

My dear,
Despite your distance
You alone can give me
My true sense of I.

With Love,


Whisper that scares

“Had a great fun itseems” who was that this time ? Bossy collegue smirked in his way.

The moment Shreya realized she forgot to wear the full sleeves today and just rushed back to the cubicle and decided not to come out til the day ends.

“What a sexy hickey” whatever maybe the case, few people are damn fortune dude!

“You know what THESE PEOPLE will have amazing fun all the time. Now it’s legal too…!!” (Laughs)

Even murmurs from the next cubicle couldn’t make her look into the work. Yet, tried her best to peep into the system as that’s the only thing she does to escape from the reality.
Though she practiced not to pay any heed to the things like this, some times she looses herself running behind the train of thoughts.

The unexpected nap arrived at her eyes with a soothing inner voice, which says..

Dear me..,

“It’s been millions of minutes since you started accepting yourself..

It’s been hundreds of hours you spent alone in the darken closet..

It’s been series of unfortunate events which u crossed with that brave smile..

And walked this far crossing thousands of miles.. Just to pay attention to these murmurs ?

And it’s been proven that
you’re a fighter and survivor.

Who fought with the boxes of normality and the even survived the haunting sexual abuse you had gone through.

He took the advantage of your queer hood and gave u the scars. But, he couldn’t touch the core mettle of you which is still burning. Don’t hide those scars.. Every scar has a story behind. It’s easy to judge but difficult to guess the trauma behind it.

Let people think whatever they want. After all they’re just passing clouds. Who matters are those who stays always with you…!

“Always with me ? You mean that Chronic Headache, I’ve been dating with these days ?” She asked.

And got up from the nap as there was no response from the voice. Just smiled and gets back to work with a pil of Ibuprofen.

#Every Scar has a Story to tell.

Companion for Confusion!


Actually, ummm !!

 A Question ?

 Chaos ??


Can it be a mind voice ?

(Mind voice:Stop spoiling the date! He has been nice to you since years together. You can’t do this with him. Tell him.. Or just ask him)

 “Hey! I have something to talk about” she murmured.

 “Yeah! Please go on” he was curious!

 “Actually I have a question”

 “Go ahead”



 I say I don’t feel anything, then why are the stains on the pillow every morning ?

I say I don’t have any story, then  why all sad songs gives me goosebumps ?

I say I need time to get married, then why am I deciding deep down not to marry anyone ?




“Hmm.. I have a little story to tell you! Shall I ?” He stopped the train of her thoughts.

 Yeah! I’m listening,.. She replied

 “ There was a child playing in her bedroom when her parents were not around. Her uncle was supposed to babysit her. She didn’t know what happened. She never spoke about it to anyone. Her family never understood her dislike towards boys. Today she refuses to give her vagina to any man to do what her uncle did. She doesn’t want to marry a man and give him the legal right to do all that to her whenever he pleases. Today the world laughs at her and calls her lesbian because she doesn’t like men. Teasing her as feminazi for refusing to have a baby and standing up for her reproductive right ”

She was dead shock listening it! Mind voices were stammering like anything and facing million questions at a time. Out this suffocation a loud voice murmuring that “how could he know about your story ?” . It has been 8 long years since they know each other and she hardly spoke to him. Despite knowing him crushing over her since last couple of years, She came here just to crash his heights of hope by confessing her disinterest towards him.

He continued…

I want to wake you up with a classic cup of coffee to show you the hope of sunrise,

I want to make you listen the beautiful songs which gives you the vibes of love,

I want to stand beside you in every walk of your’s to make you realize you aren’t alone,

I want to let you destroy the past and build a new empire of dreams on it,

I want to hold you tight until you get rid of that haunting memory,


I want to live with you even though you’re asexual,



I want to love you beyond the vagina and live the colors of life,







I want to be a Companion to your Confusion!

“Will you accept me ?” he confessed at last after living in a long wait.